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A day on a boat on Lake Maggiore

ake Maggiore Lwith its breathtaking beauty and crystal clear waters, is a true paradise for boating enthusiasts. If you own a boat and are looking for ideas on what to do on Lake Maggiore on the Swiss side, you’ve come to the right place.

Exploring the Brissago Islands

The Brissago Islands are a group of two small islands located in the Swiss part of Lake Maggiore.

Some 1,700 plant species from the Mediterranean, subtropicalAsia, South Africa, the Americas andOceania can be seen in the park (2.5 hectares), which has more than 90,000 visitors annually.

Due to its unique location, the park enjoys a particularly mild climate, allowing subtropical plants that would not normally withstand the region’s winter temperatures to grow and survive outdoors. The particularly mild climate was already known and appreciated in the past as reflected in the description of the Milanese friar Paolo Morigia[.

Rent a boat

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With different types of pedal and motor boats, Tin Rental Boats gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable experiences, having fun and appreciating the extraordinary landscape of Lake Maggiore, without needing a boat license.

Fishing in the Lake

Lake Maggiore is famous for its fishing. You can spend a quiet day fishing right from your boat. Remember to check local fishing regulations before leaving.

Sailing to Locarno

Locarno is a charming city located on the Swiss shore of Lake Maggiore. You can navigate to this city and enjoy a day exploring its historic streets, unique stores, and delicious restaurants.

Enjoying Water Sports

Lake Maggiore offers many opportunities for water sports. You can try windsurfing, water skiing, or paddleboarding. If you prefer something more relaxed, you can simply swim in the cool waters of the lake.

Admiring the Sunset

There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset over Lake Maggiore from your boat. Take a picnic basket with you, find a quiet spot on the lake, and enjoy the show.

Remember, safety must always be your first priority when you are on a boat. Be sure to have life jackets on board for all passengers at all times and to comply with local boating regulations.

We hope these ideas will help you plan your next boating adventure on Lake Maggiore. Have fun!