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Nautica Guarino is your expert for boat repairs in Locarno. Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Maggiore, Nautica Guarino offers a high quality fibreglass and polyester and gel-coat repair service.

Fiberglass and Polyester

With years of experience in the marine industry, Nautica Guarino specialises in fibreglass and polyester boat repair, ensuring that your boat is always in perfect condition. Whether it is a small repair or a more complex operation, our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service that surpasses customer expectations.

In addition, we offer a complete storage service, ensuring that your boat is safe and secure when not in use. Our boatyard is equipped with the latest equipment and technology, ensuring that your boat is kept in the best possible condition.

Visit Nautica Guarino today to find out why we are the one-stop choice for fibreglass boat repairs and storage in Locarno and throughout Ticino. We are waiting for you on the shores of Lake Maggiore to help you enjoy your next boating experience.